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“Fighting in Flip Flops”
Dana’s Story…Told by her Mom

“Dana Hudson is a 28 year old college graduate and Pre-K Teacher. She married the love of her life AND his 8 year old son on June 19th, 2010. Another sweet boy joined their family when she gave birth to Brody in May 2011. 
 Life was good!

Then came the summer of 2012…

After numerous x-rays, different scans, blood work, and many doctor visits & referrals, she was diagnosed with a Malignant Perpherial Nerve Sheath Tumor. The entire family’s world turned upside down. Her treatment plan is very aggressive due to her age, overall health, and type of tumor. The plan calls for 8 cycles of Chemo. Each cycle will be a 6 day hospital stay, and then 2 weeks at home. Dana had to quit her beloved job as a Pre-K teacher. 4 year olds are notorious for being germ factories, and Dana’s immune system will be greatly compromised from the chemo. She lost her beautiful shoulder length hair about a week and a half after her very first treatment…which was very devastating. Dana hasn't let it get her down too much. She’s a real trooper! She must get some of her fight from her Granny! Dana’s Granny battled breast cancer for over 5 ½ years. Granny lost her cancer battle September 29th, 2012 while Dana was in the hospital for her 2nd round of chemo.  

After the 4th round of chemo, a new scan will be ordered so the doctors can see how the chemo is working. Hopefully it’s shrinking the tumor!!! At this time, surgery will be scheduled, and there will be some time for her recuperation. The next step will be radiation, and then resume with the last 4 cycles of chemo. 

Dana is a fun loving girl, who LOVES FLIP FLOPS! She wears them EVERY day until it’s absolutely too cold to wear them. She loves trips to Myrtle Beach, SC, Pigeon Forge, TN, WVU football (even though her husband is a diehard Notre Dame fan). She loves spending time with family & friends. Dana loves making things for her home…and YES, she is a huge fan of Pinterest!

Dana’s best friend, Heather, has been very determined to help with fund raisers for the family. She has been very faithful to this cause! She is working behind the scenes on one project, and now this one! We love her family dearly!!!

These shirts are fabulous, and so is Dana…support Dana with flip flops! Dana is someone who goes to Old Navy, and buys one pair of flip flops in every color each spring/summer...then she goes back for more during the later summer months!!!”

Ok, this is where McDiva Designs comes in…

Heather and my paths crossed with a simple dance bag order. When meeting Heather to deliver her order, she told me about her friend Dana. My heart jumped. To hear of such a young woman fighting such a horrible disease, and with young children, it just made me ache. Cancer sucks! It doesn’t care who it picks, how old, timing, circumstances… It’s not fair that we have to see anyone suffer with this disease. I have seen it first hand in my family. So, I guess that’s why her story touched me. I felt like I needed to do something to help this young woman, wife, and mommy. I am not a corporation, and I don’t have thousands, or hundreds, to donate to a cause like this. I am a new business. I embroider and make shirts. So, after thinking this through, and not being able to get Dana out of my mind, I decided I would help by doing what I do. Make shirts! After contacting Heather, we came up with a plan. We would make a shirt. Design it to fit Dana. Help Dana’s family. The tshirts are $25. $10 of every shirt purchased, I will donate to Dana’s fundraising efforts. Sizes children to 5x available.  Dana’s mom designed these shirts for us while sitting in the hospital with her daughter. This is my way of helping a family who really deserves a break. So, SUPPORT DANA!!! The more shirts ordered, the more we can help Dana and her family. If this just helps Dana not to worry for one day about one financial obligation, then we have moved a mountain!!! You can contact Heather to order a shirt, or you can contact me. I will list my information below. People’s paths cross for a reason. I know that God brought me to Dana through Heather. I hope we can all help make a difference for this family.

Thank you,
Michelle Wilson, McDiva Designs

  You can contact me through my website, email, or Facebook 

Fighting in Flip Flops
Dana's Story
I am sooo pleased to announce that Dana is currently CANCER FREE!!!  God is good!  This precious family deserves nothing less.  Dana will go back to her love of teaching this fall.  Congrats Dana!!!  You ROCK!!!